How you can help

Thank you for your interest. 

Many of the regions in which Aussie Health Abroad is seeking to work are also popular tourist destinations. It is within the psyche of the Australian people to want to help meet a need when they see it. For this reason, Aussie Health Abroad is very well placed to raise awareness for the needs it is addressing. When people have personally visited a destination  and seen that the hourly wages for hotel staff are within the vicinity of $4 an hour and that medical infrastructure is at a minimum, they want to help. We believe that the initiatives Aussie Health Abroad is pursuing are of great interest to the Australian public, and as such, are of interest to Australian, and Australian based companies.

Aussie Health Abroad  has limited Deductable Gift Recipient Status (DGR) so that companies wishing to support us can make fully tax deductible donations. Charitable foundations are not able to give tax deductible donations to AHA at this time. 

Without assistance, the goals of Aussie Health Abroad to improve medical care in underprivileged regions, may remain just goals. We would love to hear from you, and discuss possible ways you could contribute to the work that Aussie Health Abroad does. Whether it’s a financial contribution, volunteering your time or skills or suggesting people who might be interested in our work.

To get further information on how to help, please email and flag the subject as “AHA”.