Our sincere thanks goes to those who have supported Aussie Health Abroad without whose help we could not have achieved the things we have already done:

Bruce and Helen Teele

Mark and Caroline Troski

John Crock Pty ltd

Wendy Crock 

Vicky Standish
Helen and Joseph Yeung
Loloma Foundation
Tavarua Island Resort
Steve Mahnken
Christopher Thorn
LMT Surgical
De Puy Surgical
Johnson and Johnson Medical inc ETHICON
Chisholm Institute
Melbourne Water
Melbourne City Council
Southern Health Network
Monash University Departments of Surgery and Anatomy
Fiji School of Medicine
Sparkmill Studio
Infusion Design
Unique Design Systems
Seaford Services
Rod Neil Architects
Prof. Craig Adams
Prof. Norm Eizenberg
Dr. Rob Medoff
Prof. Scott Wolf
Prof.Amy Ladd
Prof. Jesse Jupiter

Prof. John Stanley
Prof. Marc Garcia-Elias
Mr. Doug Campbell
Prof. Gus McGrouther
Mr. Jeff Ecker
Mr.  Anthony Pohl
Mr. HV. Crock AO
Mr. Chris Xenos
Kevin Naugton
Tom Servais
Joseph McCarthy
Essential Flavors and Ingredients
Dr. Rory Maher
Dr. Yi Yang
Dr. David Syme
Dr. Andrew Martin
Dr. Fraser Gilmour
Dr. Ian Loh
Mrs. Clare Falloon
Whale & Company Real Estate
Alison Griffiths
Andrew McCrae
Southern Cross Ceramics
Rotary – Wayne McKenzie
Spirit of Sharing – Peter Cole