What we do

surgery1Aussie Health Abroad hopes that through working together to share our medical knowledge, resources and skills we can improve the plight of people who may not have had the opportunities that we have. We aim to improve the standard of medical care in underdeveloped regions of the world through medical education, as well as direct medical care.

Subscribing to the maxim – ‘give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach him to fish and he will never go hungry’, Aussie Health Abroad strives to help doctors develop  skills to effectively treat specialist medical conditions that arise in their own backyard. We believe that we can make a difference to thousands of lives, and invite you to partner with us as we achieve this goal.


Helping Hands Training

It is the goal of Aussie Health Abroad to provide training that will teach doctors Vakabautatrainingsessionin developing regions of the world how to handle cases that they previously may not have had the expertise to meet. Through conferences, one on one teaching, a web site teaching hub and specific mentoring it is our aim to increase the skill level of medical professionals to meet the medical challenges that currently go untreated, and unlock the potential of doctors in these nations. This aim has been the backbone of AHA, and with the help of Tavarua Island management we have been to offer world class teaching to many cohorts of surgeons from seven island nations, and bring them together with prominent teachers from the USA, Australia, Europe and beyond and learn in a relaxed environment that fosters professional networking as well as information transfer. The surgical training weeks held on Tavarua Island have been life changing experiences that teachers and students alike look forward to with great anticipation. 

Direct Medical Care

As well as providing training to doctors in vulnerable areas of the world, Aussie Health Abroad also facilitates direct medical care. Since 2004, Mr Crock has operated extensively in the Fijian archipelago. Operating lists cover a variety of cases, from removal of life threatening tumours, to treatment of bone fractures, to facial reconstruction as a result of trauma. AHA has also hosted a number of patients to come to Australia for surgery that for one reason or another they were not able to receive in the South Pacific. Once again we have partnered with Tavarua Island who have run a humanitarian aid program for their extensive staff network since the inception of the Tavarua Island resort. To this day they remain a model for the hospitality industry, and AHA is proud to work with them bringing specific medical aid when needed.  

More information on trips Mr Crock has run

Medical Resources and crisis aid

Aussie Health Abroad is a grass roots organisation and as such is administratively nimble, and able to respond to needs quickly and efficiently. In two very specific situations we were able to partner with the well known and lauded NPO, Spirit of Sharing (SOS), run by Peter Cole (AM, OF) who enabled us to ship aid to Fiji. Initially we were made aware of the closure of a well stocked bush nursing hospital and we partnered with SOS to ship the contents to the Fiji School of Medicine for appropriate distribution in the islands. In another instance we were able to respond to the Cyclone Winston crisis and ship two large shipping containers of flat packed kitchens- courtesy of a donation to SOS from IKEA- to the epicentre of the cyclone for distribution in the rebuild process. In that situation we were honoured to assist Mr Ken Barasch who was overseeing the rebuilding of Savu Savu. Ken and his wife Donna are well known philanthropists who have donated over $50 million USD worth of aid to Fiji over the last 25 years, and established the Savusavu Community Foundation.  We are excited to see what opportunities open up in the future.